Importing Language Variables From 2.2.1 To 4.3.5

Hi all

I am about to try to export my language variables in my old cart. The Spanish was pretty horrendous (Google translate?).

Before I do that, and try to import back into my new cart, is there is any issues I need to watch out for. I am nervous because every time I do something big in admin like this the software breaks and is lots more work for me.

I am hoping the export then import will override the language already in my 4.3.5 cart?

You can help with Spanish translation and download latest version of the .po file here:

If it does not suit you, just export and import language variables. Note that different kind of settings are not stored in the language variables.

And do not forget to backup the cscart_language_values and cscart_ult_language_values tables just in case.