Importing images in 2.0.7

Any success with this? I have imported several times and everything seems to proceed fine (no errors), yet there are no images tied to products once it’s all finished.

Success! I had to put the images in a different directory. I guess it didn’t like having them outside the cs-cart directory even though I had the path right.

I am having the same issue. The images are not tied to the product after import. Initially, I had to create a backup folder in the image directory (it wasn’t there when upgraded to 2.0.8.)

I then uploaded the images to this folder and ran the import.

All seemed to be well and the images were also duplicated in the Detailed and Thumbnail folder but they were not tied to the product.

I performed an image export and after viewing the file noticed that the images that were create for the demo database were linked to the image directory but the images for the new products were not.

Can you explain the process on how you successfully linked the images to the product? Thanks in advance.

CS-Cart seems to want the images under /images/backup. I had a folder with all my images and I copied it to that location and it finally worked: /images/backup/myfolder