Importing Global Product 'options' Only

I recently had my CS Cart 3.06 upgraded to 4.xx. All of the products are in the new version with their respective 'Options' but the global options are empty. They didn't port over. I was hoping to export, from the original 3.06 (still installed on the server), the global options. Is this possible?

Do you mean you are trying to export them along with the product code and details, if so you could try 1 and import it to your product on the new store.

If i rememeber correctly they are identified in the spreadshett by the number {123456}, option desc here like so, so when you import it in to the new store then the database will need to have this already inseretd for it to know what it relates to I imagine.

Check with whoever did your upgrade to see why the database doesnt have global options in

Thanks for the reply johnbol1. It seems that my products were ported over from the earlier version of CS Cart with their options. However, the options aren't priced AND there are no global options. Many product families repeat the global options. I have 3 choices

1) go into each product and re-price each variant of each option

2) import the global options that I had in 3.06 and attach them to each product again

3) create the global options again and attach them to each product

Option 2 will be the least work - if it can be done.

Exporting the products and massaging the option pricing would be another choice but one I'd rather not make.

I went form 3.06 to v4 and all my global options came across fine,s peak to whoever did the update if it wasnt you, it can only be a database thing

That was my thought. I'll contact my cart installer tomorrow when they open. Thanks.