Importing/Exporting Catalogue - with issues

Hi There,


I have exported the catalogue using .csv with both semicolon, comma & tab. None of these actually import the way I expect within Excel - ie, generally when “opening” a csv the options to select delimited with the various separator “syntax” provides a readable spreadsheet. Unfortunately though I get the opportunity to see the data, it is not in colums, rather with the sparators in one line…

I have managed to overcome this by renaming the downloading file to products.“txt” for the solution to this.


Having gone through the above and “looking” through the results I find that the graphic (I have only uploaded one out of 1600) for testing - when exporting the system (I assume) has provided the graphic with a totally different “name” - I gave the graphic a meaningful name associated with the product and got a “string” of numbers when I downloaded the catalogue, instead of a name I would recognise!! (Maybe I should have done something other than “just” upload the file under the product update area???


I have seen a few topics on “bulk upload” of the catalogue and have not had any problem with the file I have used “without graphics” however from what I have read in the “destructions” and through the topics is that one should be able to place a reference/url to an image within the database/csv and this should then upload the graphic.

Question 1:

Does one need to upload ALL graphics before the provision of the name in the upload can work?


How do the graphics get uploaded? Is there an automated process whereby the graphic can be “fetched” from the “home system/PC”?

sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I cannot find any answers that are meaningful to me - sorry I am a novice here :smiley:

All and any help is gratefully received!!

Am really hanging out to get these products/graphics uploaded.


Never done it but to help you until someone else answers - I have read elsewhere on this forum that (from memory)

The graphics have to be uploaded first and then they can be pointed to in the Excel upload. The thumbnail will still be created automatically.

Maybe now that you know it is on the forum somewhere have a further hunt.

Thanks for that Page - will attempt it :slight_smile:

open the images folder then open the images backup folder and follow that to product images this is where you should upload all you images before uploading your csv file. I save all my excel files as tab delimited and this approach works great for me. I have attached a small csv file so you can see how main is set up. Open the file in your excel software other wise in note pad it is one continuous line. When you close excel be sure to save the file as a “tab delimited csv file”.

I hope this helps.

Patio grilling.txt

Ok - managed to get this all working 3 days ago. But then decided to update the database file (local) using the same file that I uploaded however…

The graphics seem to be eluding the path that I stipulated both in the file upload and the path I used in the upload form.

4 times I’ve “renewed” the catelogue with no joy!!

As I am using the same file cannot fathom what the differences may be?

Any suggestions are more than welcome - willing to try anything.

On another note. I have found also that a lowercase “y” under “avail” in the local xls file does not produce the required results when uploading however an uppercase “Y” works beautifully… got that one solved and saves me a heck of a lot of time but onward and upward.

I looked at your updated txt file and it looks OK.

upload your images to site before you start the import

My path looks like this in cs-cart “/home/myweb/public_html/images/backup”

which is really /images/backup from the root.

So FTP your images to be imported to /images/backup/

don’t forget unix is case sensitive.

set that directory to 777 and begin your data import.

Or now available in 1.3.5 is a feature to upload the images separate from the product data, which I would do after you upload the product data. It just matches on product code.

Hope this helps

I think my problem was the fact that there were some graphics “still” in the graphics folder with the elongated file name - which of course resulting in the upload not being able to “recognise” the graphic files…

Ah well… Happy ending is: After clearing out the database etc, things went along rather smoothly - its a wonder you didn’t hear the YIPPEE!!

If there is anyone there who can help - would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Have Previous version 1.3.4 of cs-cart, have (after a long period) a requirement to re-upload catalogue and have worked on “original” file and updated.

I now have the problem I had originally with the file not recognising the path that I put in.

I have created a /chroot/home/domname/ directory and included this path in the catalogue .csv file - to no avail.

Then took out the path within the .csv and included it when in the “Import Catalog” screen - still no graphics are showing.

I then resorted to copying my graphics to the /chroot/home/domname/

directory - but still nothing - PLEASE what is/am I going/doing wrong???