Importing Database from 2.0.12 to 2.0.14

The company who I contracted to build my ecommerce site went bankrupt midstream. Their former developer has been kind enough to supply a database backup from their local computer and my new developer is trying to import in into the site that we installed on my hosting account but things aren’t going smoothly.

The former development was version 2.0.12. When I registered for my 60-day trial, verision 2.0.14 was the only software that could be downloaded.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Can I install an older version of CS-Cart in an effort to bypass database differences during the trial?

  2. If not, can anyone help me ask the former developer for the right sort of database backup so my new developer will not have to start from scratch?

Just do a 2.0.12 install, load your database in then do the upgrade via cs-cart admin panel. When it finishes do a database backup from control panel, If you cant do that, do a SQL backup from phpmyadmin.

Even If the upgrade bugs out it wont matter because when it does the upgrade it upgrades all the database to be compatible with 2.0.14. So you just load 2.0.14 fresh install and then import the database via the restore in the control panel or through the SQL database.

If you have access to a 2.0.12 archive, then what bytraper to do will work. Make sure you are certain that you’re at version 2.0.12 before starting the process. If you get any DB errors then something is wrong and you should NOT rely upon the result.

If you need a 2.0.12 install archive, either contact the helpdesk and explain your situation or send me a PM and I’ll point you at a distribution.