Importing Data

Hi, I am trying to import data using a CSV file that contains 5000 records.

What is the maximum import records I can upload at 1 time.

It seems like i can only import like 2000 rows at one session.

Is anybody else having this issue?


i “believe” this may be a server setting

and not related to the cart program itself…

check this line in php info


just a guess here…

where is the actual location of file? and what is the name?

i don’t do any of my server maintenance but it can be located

under your phpinfo

Home—> Tools—> Database maintenance

in the PHP Core table

not even sure if this is the problem though

I had this same problem, I was uploading about 4000 product, and it would timeout. I called my webhost and they change something which alow the upload, and once I was done they mad the change back.

Not all web host will do this but my host is really cool.

Alternative is to split your file in to say 5 files of 1000, this way you can control easily what is happening.


Do as BarryH says or else upload the CSV and have the upload via server method. very much faster