Importing Data- Additional Images


I have a data feed and it has 3 sets of column image links, Thumbnail, Front Cover, Back Cover.

I know when i upload using the CS-Cart Import Page it gives me 2 image datafield to link the image too.

Thumbnail = Thumbnail

Front Cover = Detailed Image

Back Cover = ? If I have additional images I want to upload using the import feature, what would the data field be called or link to?

I need to upload a back cover for each product and they would be placed in the additional image section.

I dont want to manually do this, There are like 20K records.

Please help.

To my knowledge cs-cart does not utilize a third image. There are only two folders in the file system where the images are kept: product_images and detailed_images.

I still dont understand. If I was planning to link additional images using a datafeed? What would the datefield name be that i link to?

Thumbnail and Detailed image are the only 2 options you have.