Importing And Exporting Problems

Hi everyone!

I’m failry new to CS cart and I have a problem with importing and exporting products.

Our store on our webstie isn’t live yet and we’re trying to import some test products on an excel spreadsheet. When I click import, it gives me an error message saying that I need a product code and I’m not sure on what that is.

After the first attempt at importing the product spreadsheet, I tried exporting some products we had entered manually. I did this to see if our product attributes were there like brand, model, size, etc. so we could just copy and paste from other spreadsheets and re-import them in. It worked, but only for one product out of the three I wanted to export.

We do wheels and tires and the product it worked for was a tire. It gave me all the attributes I wanted, but for the wheels we exported with the tire, there was nothing that came up about them. I have no idea what to do about that.

We are on version 4.1.2 if that helps.

Any help will be very appreciated.


Post up the csv file and I can take a look

It says I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file. It's currentley saved as a csv file. Do I need to change something else to upload it?


.txt or take a screenshot of it with a snipping tool and upload a jpg


Did you check this article?

Here's the spread sheet. This is the test page I used for my first import attempt.



The file you uploaded is formatted wrong,

As it takes a while to explain… the best thing for you to do so you can see better, is export some products from the cs cart demo site that has features/attributes similar qty to yours, you will then see how they are supposed to be formatted.

I always like to export as .csv with comma as the seperator then open in excel to modify etc


Thanks for the help guys! I got the formatting right this time. One last question, I want to export my products into a spreadsheet so I can have all of the options for the products already in place making it much faster for me to put in information. It half works because the product options show up, but in one cell for each product. I want the options to be in the top row so I can just copy and paste my information. Is there any way to do that?



Unfortunately there is no such ability in default CS-Cart functionality. But we can develop it for you. Please contact us if you are interested in it.


Ah ok, thanks for that info. though! One more question, for product filters I have one, for example, named finish and I want to be able to have variants for this filter like black, chrome, silver, etc. When I go to the finish filter I don't see a way to do that. There's a filter by option, but it only has a filter by price or free shipping. Can I add more filter by options? Or is there a way to add options under a filter like in the example above?



Let me explain. You need to create the product feature named “finish” and then create product filter by this feature.

Hope it will be helpful.