Imported Objects Summary Info


After succesful product combinations import the summary popup window shows different number of new items and imported items. For example:

New objects: 200

Updated objects: 0

Total objects: 206

I guess it can be CSV mistakes in somme rows or the CS CART imported data information is wrong.

What are those 6 unregestered objects? And how to find them?


There should be the "Skipped" line. Do you have it?

I checked variant table in the database, there is no skipped lines, CSV file also doen not have skipped line.

But I checked the product table in database and there is an issue.

My product ids are set manualy in CSV


// unset($object['product_id']); in app/schemas/exim/products.functions.php

For the stores in the same languages everything imported correct.

But when I change Import from All Stores to particular store in different language and import only data for that store, the ids from CSV are ignored and the system replace them with the first available id after the first import.

For example last imported item from All stores:


The first product id from second CSV: 330010

But the system assigns 341501 instead

From here starts many errors.

What could be wrong? probably the issue comes from app/schemas/exim/products.functions.php

As to the skipped line,

There should be the "Skipped" line. Do you have it?

Thanks, I found the following error.

CS CART product combinations import ignores the products size format with comma, here comes the skipped items.

Means if you need to write for example:

7,5 x 10,5 cm

It has to be: 7.5 x 10.5 cm

But the product ID is a problem, looks like the language has to be default, otherwise CSV product ids are rewritten. Any idea how to fix it?

Try to contact support team. It is hard to say without code examination

If you delete or rename Language field in import csv, everything works correct.