Imported fields

Hi everyone,

What I want to ask is:

  • After importing products to cs-cart ,will newly created products have ticked or unticked,Yes or No, as a default for the fields below??

    In other words, if our csv don’t have

    Downloadable, Ship Downloadable,Free Shipping,Feature Comparision,Zero Price action,Pay by Points,Override Points FIELDS,

    These extra options will have ticked or unticked,Yes or No,what’s the default action for them?

    -Also, inventory tracking will have “O” or “D” or “B” ?, Status “A” or “H” or ,“D”

    After importing csv , I know that we have a possibility to change all these fields for multiple products in the same time but I wanna have some general info for the import process.


I believe the defaults for all checkbox type data is ‘N’ (unchecked) unless there is a specific Admin setting for the default for a specific occurrance.

Are you sure? That’s an important issue that we need to know?

Also , do you have any idea about the fields: inventory tracking will have “O” or “D” or “B” ?, Status “A” or “H” or ,“D” ??


All checkboxes in cs-cart have a Y or N value. Selectors on the other hand have variable values. I do not know the default value for inventory tracking.

What I’m not sure of is if the column is provided in the import and there is no value in that column, what the default ends up being. I’m assuming the field is simply skipped but I have not confirmed that.

Note that every template that uses a checkbox will always have a hidden input tag above it setting the field name of the checkbox to ‘N’ for a default. If checkboxes are NOT checked in html, they are not POSTed to the document. That’s hwy they use a hidden field to force the name to be POSTed.

As you’re saying: if the column is provided and there is not value in that column or,

if the column is not provided and the new product created along with csv , that extra options will have “N” as a default?

Selectors like inventory tracking or other extra options need to be examined?

Did I summarize it right?


I believe if the column is provided and fhe field is empty that it will be skipped. If the column is not provided then it never comes into the equation. If it is a new product then whatever the default is will be used.

Yes, your summary is pretty accurate. Note that some of these things are addons and coud behave differently than basic parts f the cart.

Easy enough to test with a CSV with one product…