Imported Features Database Tables - Something Went Wrong?

Hi all,

So I was working on a clone of a site, added loads of Features and variants etc.

Instead of manually doing the same hours long task on the live site, I dropped the old 'features' tables (all 5 of them) and imported the ones from the dev site.

The database has all the information there, all variants, id's correct. Yet when I click on one of the new Features in the admin panel it opens a 'create' box with empty fields. It shows the right name in the Feature list, but seems to think it doesnt exist in *some* places.

If I go to edit a product, its not showing in the Feature tab either - even though it should be.

Is there some form of database query cache or hidden cache that I am not able to clear around these?


Please check the cscart_ult_objects_sharing table. Possibly the features are not shared for your store-front

Amazing. Thank you. :)

You are welcome!