Important steps to go live - Shipping Config

Dear experts,

I am on the trail version at the moment, have enter most of the major products, and design stuff.

There’s two things left and then I can pay for the script and get the shop live.

  1. The Quick search thing - see another post [url][/url]

  2. The shipping configuration - I am confused in this important part. Some users cannot go through the checkout process - receiving message “No Shopping Method in your…”

    I have tried many different configurations in the backend but still got no idea on how to get it to work.

    Just wondering if there’s tutorial for the shipping things, and if not, someone nice could you post a step by step guide for me?

    Many thanks in advance.

  1. Your clients get this error if you havent setup a shipping for the users location. I think you can solve it with that [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation show in the cs-cart kb and you can setup your shipping manually or through automatic configuration.

    If all fails, you have even a login for the helpdesk, contact cs-cart directly with opening a ticket and they will help your 100% (if not unique coding required).

Thanks and appreciate your hints. I will take a look there and see if it helps.

For now, since I haven’t buy the product (cs-cart) yet and so I don’t think I can get into the helpdesk system.

OK… now followed the instruction on the KB page, and added the location to the Shipping methods, etc.


  1. Category menu, main menu and logo etc not showing while other template element are showing without problem. - When a localization is added.


  2. The “Show rate for this locations” field" in the shipping method detail page shows nothing there.

    Any hints and help will really be appreciated.

Nice colors [url]Your Domains :slight_smile:


Since the localization has been added, the site doesn’t look correctly. Some elements are still missing.

Not sure if this a bug of v2.12 or if I’ve missed something in the settings… :frowning: