Import Wordpress posts as CSCart News Updates?

So my domain used to be a Wordpress blog for 6+ years. I have over 3,000 news articles and I have now decided to turn my domain into a CS-Cart Shopping Cart using v3.

I don't want to loose all this rich content so I was going to turn all my old posts into “news” updates. So for instance, /a-post-about-whatever/ will become /a-post-about-whatever.html on the new cart using the SEO feature.

I know how to export old posts in CS-Cart but how do I import them as news feeds? I assume I can go into mySQL and upload a xml file but where do I upload it (I can not find a table that references “news”) and how should it be formatted (title, date?).

I hate to have go through and recreate a news article for every single Wordpress posts. With 3,000 that is going to take forever.

Has anybody done this before… a Wordpress to CSCart move? I hate to have 3,000 “page not found” errors.