Import User logging problem


i have used the import facility of cs-cart for users, the operation was successfull, the record was created in the db, but when i try to loging with these new login & password, cs-cart can’t find these users.

(The password are plain text)

I try to modify the password through the client side, cs-cart email me that the profile has been modified successfully but when i try to log-in, i still can’t get access to the account;

Is there any reason for this?

How could i solve this?

ok, the problem is with the password as it is plain.

My problem now is how could i encrypt some 1600 passwords that i will import.

Any clue, plz?

infact i have able to encryte the password but it still don’t logging.

what could be the reason?

I have another question about importing user’s detail, is it necessary to import the password encryted? because even if i have encryt the password, it doesn’t login, actually i’m trying to find a reason for this problem of logging with imported users.


If you want to get some serious replied, delete the last 3 posts and edit your first with that said information.

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You should change the way of importing user details here:


In line 75 change the code by adding the call of the conversion function. It will look like this:

'Password' => array (
'#db_field' => 'password',
'#convert_put' => array ('fn_exim_hash_password')

You should add #convert_put’ => array (‘fn_exim_hash_password’).

Now in the file


you should add a function checking the already encrypted line. You may put it at the end of the file.

Here is the description of the function:

function fn_exim_hash_password($data)
return strlen($data) == 32 ? $data : md5($data);

As a result, during the import of user details it will check the “Password” field (it will check whether it has already been encrypted or not). If not, it will encrypt md5.