Import Products Into Multiple Separate Categories

The documentation says you can import into multiple categories using a delimiter like this:

best of the best///computers///desktops

What if you want another primary category to appear in the navigation menu on the top level that the product is also in that category, such as 'best deals'

I know you could use features but the dynamic tree wouldn't show the feature as a primary category to shop by.

If you try doing this in the import:

best deals///compters///desktops

It builds a category tree: best deals > computers > desktops so in the category navigation menu you see best deals, but not computers.

Yet in the product editor you can add a product to multiple categories in different category trees!

However I did an export test and it lists the primary category the product is in, in the export.

So I take it what I'm trying to do is possible through the CS-Cart product interface but impossible to do on an import?

You should use the Secondary categories field. The mentioned delimiter is used to specify category path, not several categories.

Try to export test product and check how the values for these fields are generated