Import product options

Hello, newbie here…

I just installed a brand new cs-cart installation (V 4,0,2) on my server.

I 'm trying to import products with sizes & stock (fashionable goods) but cannot get it to work.

For instance:

T-Shirt red with sizes 92,98,104

amount is 92 2x, 98 2x, 104 3x (in stock)

I did the product import for the t-shirt and an import for product options but it does not add the stock for this product.

Also, if i'm doing the product import again with the same file, it is adding new product instead of overwriting the old one. Is this the normal behaviour?

Very hard to find a mannual for importing product options.

Can somebody point me in the right direction because i'm a little lost here…

Thank you.

If your importing the exact same product code then no it should not create a new product.

As for the qty in stock , it should work ok as long as your codes are correct and you can import options in the same spreadsheet as the products , you dont need to do it twice.

have you got inventory turned on in the admin, and product details pages?


Hello John,

Thank you for replying.

I checked twice the numbers and they are the same and should be ok,

To test… I created a new product, created options with it. Chosen to track inventory with options. Set the amount of stock.

Now I exported the newly created product with options and imported that same file again to test. There was a new product created.

Also the stock was not adjusted.

Gives me thinking there's a little bug there…

regards, Mirco

Ok, ran into this thread:

Any way to remove duplicates? - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

problem solved.

Thanks anyway!

Ok, followup question about importing options. Actually two questions.

1: John said: “you can import options in the same spreadsheet as the products”

Does that include the quantity (stock/amount) for those options?

2: If you are importing new products and also the product options with stock in the second file import, how do you know the “product id” which is generated on the first import?