Import Product Options - How?

Hi there,

I've got this question about importing new products and the product options:

For a fashion webshop I need to import products with different sizes and also stock control.

New products import goes fine.

But… for the import of product options you need to give the productID field (mandatory).

How do you know the productID when you are importing new products?

(the productid is assigned to a new product when its imported)


regards, Mirco

You dont need the product ID just the Product code column and product options column.



I'm talking about the second tab on the product import.

It says the productID is mandatory otherwise it won,t process the file.

I/m trying to import the products with stock per size

gr Mirco


Nobody knows how to import products with productoptions?

I have new products and they have different sizes & I want to use stock control for the products and their sizes.

Making a new product in the backend is no problem and works fine.

I want to import a bunch of new products together with their productsoptions (sizes) and stock values.

How do I do that??

Please give me a hand here… :)

Thanx in advance, Mirco

I'm bumping this to the top because I'd like some input from the experts here as well.

I see well enough the syntax that CSC wants us to use for establishing a set of product options for a given product, but from what I can see, it only works if there's no change in cost.

I'm more interested in figuring out how to create variants in a product where the price will vary as well. I see that this can be done if one is just creating a product manually, but doing it via CSV upload is much less clear.

cant be done without modifications, I had a mod done a while back but ot will need completely re doing probably


I knew it was a no go with V3, but figured with all the hoopla surrounding the release of V4, that surely this would have been addressed.

What are these people thinking???

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What are these people thinking???


Product Options/variant bulk manipulation is one shortfalls of the product. always has been.