Import product detail thumbnail in CSV

Is it possible to add a field in the export csv panel, to allow the export-import of this image?

I’d like to be able to feature in a site, only the product listing thumbnail and a bigger product image in the product detail page. No popup detailed image.

I know the size can be set in the thumbnail setting panel, but the popup image will be active. blocking the popup image could be enough, but Anyway, I’d like to be able to import and export this image. if someone can quote me on this feature, please send me a PM. Thanks in advance.

The terms you are using for the images is not clear. You are using detailed and thumbnail as adjectives to one noun. They are two different things.

Further, you describe wanting to not have a pop-up detailed image but that has nothing to do with import/export.

Sorry, but I can’t make out what you really want done.

Thanks, sorry for the confusion.

at first, I didn’t know the name for the image in the product detail page, which has the link to the popup large image detail.

In the thumbnail settings, it appears as “product detail page thumbnail”, and currently is not available in the CSV export fields.

What I’d like to have is a similar product detail page as done by other member of the forum:

Here the product listing page:


and here the product detail page w/out the popup large image link:


I’d like to csv populate the images for a site set like this. For instance, I’d populate the product listing with a 140x140px image and the product detail page with a 450x450px image. That’s it, no popup image.

Thanks in advance.

Cant you bring in your image at 450px wide and set the product details page thumbnail to 450 wide, but leave the product list page width at 150 wide or so in settings/thumbnails.

(clear you cache after changning sizes)


[quote]Cant you bring in your image at 450px wide and set the product details page thumbnail to 450 wide, but leave the product list page width at 150 wide or so in settings/thumbnails.[/quote]

How to disable the popup large image detail?

AAAAhhhhhh, u got me.

If there is no detaile dimage then there wont be a pop up will there so delete the detailed image or dont import it ?? Ithink, but how to disable it trying to open and remove the text, well that needs looking at.



"product detail page thumbnail


It’s called Thumbnail in the import fields.

A modification to eliminate the popup detail image on the detail page should be pretty straight forward. Have you looked at the …views/products/view.tpl page to see how it’s done? Probably just need to either add a hook around it and then in the hook have an html comment only or simply comment out the link. (Obviously I haven’t looked).

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]It’s called Thumbnail in the import fields.[/QUOTE]

You mean if I, 1) only import the thumbnail (450x450px) and leave empty the detailed image field, and 2.) set the thumbnail product listing at (140x140px) in the Appearence setting panel, then I could have the images the way described above?

Cs-cart will generate the small image for the product listing? I’ll try and see what happens, otherwise I may request your service. Thanks for your advice.

Not entirely sure. A lot has changed in images in 2.1 and I am not currently running it myself. So the info I get is either old or from reading the code.

Sorry for report late.

The solution was quite simple and is built in cs-cart (2.1.3.)

  1. In the thumbnail panel setting, set the size of the Product List Thumbnail (i.e. 90X90px) and leave empty the size in Product Detail Page Thumbnail.

  2. Then, when you want to add a new product, just select “upload them manually” and upload only the “Thumbnail” -displayed on products list and product details pages(in my example an image of 400x400px) - and leave empty the “popup large image” field, to cancel the popup image link.