Import Product Data With Images?

I am upgrading one of my sites from 2.0.11 to 4.2.4

I exported all the product data (including options) and successfully imported it into 4.2.4

The part I can't figure out is how to import all the product images (detailed product images and all it option variant images).

The sites are on two different servers. I assume I need to first manually copy all the images over. Where to I place them for 4.2.4?

Also, during the 2.011 export it asks for image directory and during import into 4.2.4 it asks the same.

Should I leave one of them blank?

Help and advice on how to get all the product images over would be appreciated.

I think I might need to empty the product tables and re-import, but waiting on better instructions before I commence.



Option images cant be imported as I remember through the cart, but the product images under the product images (additional) can, Is this what you mean triplets.

if so they can be brought to your server or left where they are and dragged in from there as long as you use the path exported from 2.0.11 site which will be something like

/home/hiviscou/public_html/images/backup/detailed/tmp_y09T8f.jpg#{[EN]:Kustom Kit KK701 Midnight Navy;}

You can do a find and replace in excel to get rid of all the /home/hiviscou/public_html and change it to the full url http://www.your{[EN]:Kustom Kit KK701 Midnight Navy;}

then import them in a csv file with 3 columns Product code , Pair type, (set as A for additional or M for detailed) and then the Detailed image column

If the actual product option images can be imported and I am missing something then the same info will still apply to paths etc


pair type.JPG