Import Problems

I am tring to import many products, I noticed several problems and I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen

  1. If you do not create catagories and you just import, CS cart will create the main and one subcatagory ie. 1///2
  2. If you create two subcatagories with the same name, the import ignores the catagory and subcatories and dumps all products in the most relevant based on alphabet i.e a///b///c/// but you have a///d///c/// all c products are placed into the b subcatagory

    I have spent hour tring to import products with no success because of these rules.

    Lastly, after you get products imported and then export to verify there integrity, many products pricing has changed to 0.00 and does not show up. I run the database optomizer after I upload, but I still have many issues with the upload. Some insight would be appreciated.

    One other problem is I have products that are 5 or 6 subcatagories deep, I don’t think CS Cart can handle it.