Import porblem 2.08


I am trying to import to import the products and images everything went fine when I export them to my new server.

When I am done importing from 2.07 to 2.08 variants wont show as well as the QTY for he Products which I am importing and the color images which were save in the Product Variants or The Global Options everything is imported fine, please advise if I am missing something.

is there any one out there.

[quote name=‘tigerbabba’]is there any one out there.[/QUOTE]

I had the same problem. I had over 500 products and NONE of the Variants would come over. Example I would have Color and then have like 14 different colors. So the Group Color came over but none of the colors. So what I had to end up doing was export the products and unselecting the variants and then created a global one and just started to apply them. Yes this took a long time but I could never get an answer as how to fix this issue and had to get the store back up.

Also could not even complete the upgrade as it would stall out and I would only get half the data. So I had exported the products, users and manually recreated the discounts ect

It seems that upgrade for me has really never worked.