Import options prices for wholesale usergroup


Is it possible to import option prices for wholesale usergroup? Now I can import options with modifiers (prices) for all users. But how can I import special prices for another usergroup?

I could create rule for wholesalers via Promotions but it would function only if discount is in percentage. But in my case it is amount, and it has to be descounted from options variant prices.

May be the best solution would be to duplicate all products with special prices for options? But how to show products with special prices only for that usergroup?

we have all products duplicated for each usergroup and the product code is then amended to show that they below to that group.

e.g we have a product code HVW03, and a user group helena. so we duplicate that product and give it the code “HVW03-He”,

we leave the dash in as it comes in useful in excel when sorting the 1000s of products to be able to split the extra bit off.

Then when you import those new products with special prices highlight them all and go into edit at bottom of page and then just edit them to be avialable only to the usergroup you created (apply to all)


Thanks for explanation, John

I will use the same scenario.

One question, if I understood right in this case the default group will see only retail products, and the wholesale group will see only wholesale products. Or wholesale wil see both retail and wholesale?

In this scenario wholesale will see both and retail will just see retail. For all other products to be seen by retail you would have to set them up to be seen by that group only


Is there a way to show to logged-in wholesaler ONLY his user group products, without retail?

I marked only wholesale group but the wholesale user still can see both retail and wholesale. I thinks it can be confusing as all images are same and client might choose the wrong price item by mistake.

Ok I think I got it. Retail products have to be in Guest user group (instead of All) and Wholesale in wholesale user group. In this case everybody will see retail prices and when loged-in as wholesalers will see only his group prices.

Thanks again, John