Import of shipping type/data

Hi everyone,

I’m from Singapore.

However, as I’m not from the US, its increasingly difficult to add in shipping fees and types of shipping (as I have to manually add in all information.)

Can’t use the real-time shipping function either!

Is it possible to add in this function of importing shipping type / information?

We have a few possibilities other than normal post:


International Courier Services (Fedex / DHL / UPS)

Also, since the courier services have Fuel Surcharge % changes monthly, it would be good to have this function incorporated into shipping – so that we only need to update the FC % and not update all the fees configured…

Having a Duplicate function of the configured fees for one zone, to another is another good way to save some work… and be more productive…

Here’s my UserVoice post:


Please support!

Thank you.

anyone read this?

more support please! We are very tired of entering shipping fees data every time it changes… for Fedex … its once a month… and for EMS… its once every 3 months…

Please support this!

We’re also thinking of asking for custom development… but depends on the cost…