Import of products

New to the joys of CS Cart we are investigating importing products from a certain other cart system (X).

Am I to think that a straight export or even using [URL=“”][/URL] when using the products import route should create the correct categories and sub categories as they are found in the import file?

So far I have done both an export and the link above. While I am happy the data is correct, the import just seem to go through the motions but no items (category or products) are created.

Ultimately I would like to import all data from the live system to see how things stack up in CSCart V2 as its much easier to compare, test and investigate using familiar surroundings. Once this is done I think it will be very persuasive to get us swapped across and invest in the system.

Any suggestions to forefill this? Many thanks.

If you have a csv file, all you need to do is make sure the header/fields are editted to CS’s and in the correct format.