Import of products with options in 135sp3

I have not upgraded yet but the manual suggests that this is now possible.

Option were not possible in 134sp3.

I can sit down with my local copy and start from scratch but I wondered if anyone had had a look at this and can the system cope with options and with stock tracking for those options.

Maybe give me some pointers as to what they found out and any issues - before I have a look myself.

Or is it still a half way house.

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There are various differences between 134 and 135.

135 does a lot more than 134 but is still not able to import all data for options - unless I am missing a trick. It certainly does not export them!

It can import and set the options but cannot import the option codes - the stock levels for those options or the option images.

There is also some other behaviour that is different.

134 used a product id - 135 uses the product code that we enter ourselves combined with the main category - as the unique identifier.

So until I upgrade - oh why is that so hard - I shall be putting it onto one side - since the other half of the project was to then tie it in with an access database for data input with the ability to export from access and then into cs-cart.

Did you ever figure out how to import with all of the options? I am having a similar problem where i need to set inventory for different options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not possible.