Import Of Forbidden Combinations Is Not Possible?


We need to create hundred's of Forbidden Combinations. Which goes quicker in Excel and then import into CS-Cart. BUT, how to do it?

Exporting Forbidden Combinations ('Export Product Combinations') is possible. This exports exports both Forbidden Combinations and Option Combinations in 1 file.

But: in this export file the Forbidden Combinations do not have an unique identifier. So during import, how does CS-cart know which is a Forbidden Combination and which is an Option Combination?

Option Combinations do have an unique identifier: Product ID +Combination Code

Thanks in advance


Dear Olof,

There is no such ability in the standard Cs-Cart system.

Some code modifications are needed. But the developing of this function takes a little time.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards, Alt-team.


thank you for taking the time to respond. Will these code modifications make it more difficult for us to upgrade to future newer versions (we are now at 4.1.3)?

Sigh, the export/import function of CS-Cart leaves much to be desired. From an enterprise point of view…



Dear Olof,

We can do it as an additional add-on and we are sure that there won't be any problems with the upgrading at all.

If you have another questions, about this case, please send us email:

Best regards, Alt-team.