Import Newsletter subscribers

Is there a way to import email addresses into newsletter subscribers?

At the same time, is is possible to keep CS-Cart from sending out subscription confirmation when I manually (or import) add addresses? I have a new cart, and I want to import 1000 emails from previous shopping cart. I’d prefer that the cart did not send out a confirmation when I enter the addresses. All of them have already subscribed to my old list.



The best bet would be directly through the database I guess.

Where are the email addresses for Newsletter stored? Nothing jumped out at me when I looked at db structure…


Try the ‘cscart_site_subscribers’ table

Found it right after I posted…

Sorry to be thick, but unsubscribe key is required. I am able to import into db via SQL statement, but I do not have the unsub key. Won’t it be required for the unsubscribe link included in each email?

If it is, does anyone have insight on how it is generated so I can create my own keys?


Looking in addons/news_and_emails/include/include/customer/news.php (line 81) its just an md5 hash of a unique ID, so something like this in SQL would do (assuming you’re using MySQL)…


Thanks to all that helped. I was able to create a SQL statement and imported my emails into the site_subscribers table.


I have the same problem

I am not familiar with SQL commands, what do I do to get

Hi rob200 and salukicentral would you mind describing how you have imported your subscribers list, and generating the MD5 hash codes for the unsubscribe key?

As far as sql goes I know how to access the tables and browse the information from cpanel, but thats about as far as my knowledge extends :?

Was this information ever provided? Can it please be posted here as I have same issue - I have about 800 email addresses i need to import, some detailed instructions please as I am new to both cs-cart and sql.

(I do however follow directions carefully - most of the time anyways :slight_smile: )



I too think this information would be of great value to all cs-cart users.

Any news?

Take a look at this solution: link