Import multiple option variants from CSV?

Hi there

I was wondering if anybody could help me. I am looking to import approximately 300 variants to a product option. Is it possible to import these from a csv file and upload?

Importing 300 variants is far too many to do manually and you can imagine the mistakes can

I’m begging is there any way to import these quickly?

I guess the bigger question might be who is going to select from a list of 300 variants? Maybe you should re-think your model… You could import them directly into the db

Hi there

Thanks for the reply.

Site-wide there are about 300 variants. I’ve been into the database and there are two tables, cscart_product_option_variants and cscart_product_option_variants_descriptions and I can’t figure out to import one CSV file into the two tables at one time.

Would take two files, one for each table to directly import. You could read your CSV and then programatically update the right table based on the field.