Import Global Options - not working?

I’ve read as much as I can find on importing options, and it appears that you should be able to import products with global options specified, in CS Cart 2.x. However, I have not been able to get this to work.

I’d like to use the same global option for a range of products. The actual string I’m adding to each csv product record is this:

{745}Size: R[{3086}Standard,{3087}Heavy]“;”“;”“;”";“A”

That means the option number (745 above) will be repeated, rather than incremented as happens when you add options manually through the admin panel.

I’ve checked the mysql database files and find my imported products in the products table, but they don’t show up in the options table unless I’ve added the global option via the cart admin Category/Product admin page.

So my conclusion is that importing global options doesn’t work. Has anyone else had success or failure with this import function?

Thank you, Gary Rhoades

Importing global options is not available with CS cart.

import all your products and then set global options for them in admin. Then apply to which ever products you want to in 1 go by searching the products and bulk adding the gloal option. I tried the same as you but its not a goer.