Import From Shopify Other Marketplaces

Hi we are looking for add-ons / plug ins that will work with the latest 4.12.2 version of multivendor for Importing products directly from Shopify, Big Commerce, Walmart, Ebay, Amazon.

Need a add-on seller that supports and provides service to make sure it imports all product and pricing and media (pictures) data into the Catalog as well as the vendors micro store.

Any suggestions?

I believe the reluctance you are finding from developers is that these various API's require almost constant maintenance (Amazon is the worst, Big Commerce and Shopify are probably the most stable).. Unless you have your own development staff, the cost of developing and maintaining them is cost prohibitive for most merchants. Hence there's very low volume and would be hard pressed to find a production addon that will work reliably over time. Custom development with expected frequent maintenance charges are most likely your only option.

Good luck in your search.