Import/Export Products

Version 2.0.6: some fields are missing compare to description found in CS-Cart user manual 2.0 (rev. July/9/09)


[QUOTE]- Manufacturer – manufacturer’s name (Adidas);

  • Pay by points – ability to pay for the product with points (Y or N);
  • Override points – whether to recalculate the points for the product (Y or N) or not…
  • Override exchange rate - (Yes or No)



    Same as import.

    In addition following fields are also not exported:


Category itself is exported but corresponding datas are not (cells remain blank)

  • Secondary category:
  • Options: same
  • Search words: same
  • Page title: same
  • Features: same
  • Options: same
  • Short description: same



Export options

Category delimiter: (i.e. Computers///Desktops)

After several attempts I did not find a way making a successfull use of this option. Maybe me?