Import/export Images Does Not Work

I think I should be a little noob, but I need to export products from a database and import tem in another one.

Everything works fine except images.

I thought I only had to make export on first server and then import on second server, but images are not imported at all :(

When I make the export, it saves the images by default in exim/backup/images/. I think I have to modify that because the import cannot find exim/backup/images/ when products are imported....

Anyone to explain what I'm doing wrong ?

whats the path to your images upon export.

I never used the exim/ path. I always used the direct image path to where it s stored

In fact, when I make the export, the csv files give me the following value for example in the detailed image field : "exim/backup/images/teampics.jpg#{[de]:;[en]:;[fr]:;}"

And I don't know where it saves it as with ftp, i cannot find the exim directory....

I would prefer it gives the real path of the image but I don't know how to do it.


Where '1' is the company_id of the storefront you are exporing/importing.

Thanks The Tool. Now that I now where are stored the images, I can make the import :)