import encrypted password in database?


I really need help of this one…

Instead of upgrading from 1,3,5 spa to last version of cscart, I'll try to import only users data (males address, etc.).

I don't know what to do with passwords… As they are encrypted with MD5 in 1,3,5, I guess that if I only import them into 4,x,x cscart version, this will not match ?

Is there an “easy” solution to do that ?

Of course, I don't need to see the passwords. Just want to make sure that my customers with existing accounts will be able to log to the new version of my website.

Any help from you guys will be really appreciate.

Best regards


You should be fine. Just ensure the “seed” in the users profile data is empty for those users being imported.

I confirm. No need to re-encrypt the passwords.