Import Data with Secondary Categories Automatically

Has anyone modified the CS-Cart Import Process to accommodate for products being assigned secondary categories automatically?

I have data like this, where the same single product needs to be displayed in multiple categories.

id product_code main_category
26573 PMC06370 Supplies///COPIER///CANON///100
20369 KNI947136 Supplies///COPIER///CANON///112
6739 CNM1337A003AA Supplies///COPIER///CANON///122
6739 CNM1337A003AA Supplies///COPIER///CANON///122F
6739 CNM1337A003AA Supplies///COPIER///CANON///123

Rows 1 and 2 are unique products (normal)

Rows 3 - 5 are the same product that need to associated with first category as it primary and the remain categories as it secondary categories. Of course I don’t want to duplicate the product record itself.