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Hi i created an addon for cs-cart you can import any xml in your store but because i have only 5 xmls to test it i would like to help me test it if you want.This is my first addon for cs-cart,i will make it available in the market if i see that people want it and can actually use it.ok some of the features

Product Creation : It can create 1000 products per 10min.
Product Update : I have two updates methods one the normal update that checks if any value from xml are different from the one in the database and updates everything but this is the slow one and the fast update that only checks for price,status and amount it can update 1000 products in just 5 sec.
Merge Categories Or Create New : You can merge your own categories with the xml you can choose add more levels to you own categories or create new ones and if you xml has no categories you can choose to add them in existing category or create a new one.
Import Xml: You can import xml from url or upload a file or you can create a cron if you already created settings and import based on your needs example(
Import Only Active Products,Add Profit And List Price As Main : You can import only active products,you can add your own profit example(1.33 for 33%) and you can set list price as your main price when list price is not 0.
Delete: You can delete only products that exist in an xml or delete the categories also but be carefully if you have merged your categories with xml categories then you would delete every product that is in these categories.

Upload: First of all upload your new file or add it from url.
Merge Categories: Choose if you want to merge or create new categories.
Save Import Settings: Choose the right fields and click preview in order to check that you have choosed the right fields.If everything is ok click save.
Load Xml Settings: choose your settings and click load and the import will begin.
Status Active And Inactive Text: Choose how your xml define if the product is active or not example(true,false,yes,no...)
What Is Main Field: Main field is the field in xml that holds all the data for your products.Example:
in this example the main field is the field product.

some title

some title

Last Notes:
I had disabled the delete for the demo store.

Product features,product filters and product options will be included when a bug with product features is resolved.

If you encounter any error or you have any question just reply with a sample of your xml file or your question.

the store reset itself once per day

you can only import up to 20 products in the demo store.

pass: demo1234

ok i guess its to difficult to use or not needed.

@triadis - My impression was that it didn't differ from the standard API (actually more limited) other than being XML versus JSON and one php call json_encode($xmldata) would fix that. Maybe we're missing something in what you're trying to do. Did you investigate the API? Where did it fall short?

To tell you the truth i had many request from my customers to transform xml to csv or create them something to import their products,because many of their suppliers only support xml,i dont understand how the api is connected to what im trying to do here,maybe i was not clear enough or maybe i was and i am missing something.This addon it can map any xml product feed from any supplier and import it to your store with custom categories or your own categories or xmls could easily create cron jobs and create a real time update with your suppliers product data.

But not sure why you wouldn't transform supplier XML (XSLT) to use tags supported by API, convert it to JSON and then use that supported method to update/create products, categories, shipments, etc.... At least then all your real cart actions are being done through the API and if there are internal changes, the API should make those adjustments for you.

Not criticizing, just giving my impression of why there may not have been feedback.

yes i understand what you say,some benefit i can think right know is that if you have 1000 products from one supplier that you actually use their categories also and a second supplier with another 1000 products that you dont want to use their categories but you want to match it with the categories of the first supplier you would have to go one by one the products to see every category and map it or use some script to get every category and change it,second cs-cart update actually pass again the whole product data even if the only change was the price or the status and the problem here is that it pass the images again which slow down a lot the update process have you ever tried to keep real time update data for 9000 products with cs-cart fn_update_product() its nightmare it takes to update as long it takes to actually create the products in the first place.Something else lets say that you have three categories and in those categories you have products from 3 different suppliers and for some reason you want to remove the first supplier product from your store you actually would have to pick the products one by one and delete them.

Ok my point here is that i dont care to actually sell it or something like that,i just created something and i want to see if people are interesting for the things it can do.

Hello where can i download or buy this addon?

Thanks Jan Roel

i think opencart module find solution very good way. Can we transfer our system

Hi we have tried this but its much more difficult as in opencart.

So we ended up with a semi custom solution. We do the job of combininng the fields for you. This way we can import XML, csv, XLS files.