Import and Product Configurator

Hi there,

We are needing to import about 1500 products from a spreadsheet and each product needs to have some Product Options using the Product Configurator. Is there any way I can import these settings or a bulk amendment? From what I see I will need to go into each product individually and add the two Product Options manually.

Any easy way?


Finally found the way to enable the configurator on all products:

Table = cscart_products

Field = product_type

Need to amend N to C (C means Configurator?)

Command: update cscart_products set product_type=ā€˜Cā€™;

I also now know tha table for the actual Product Configurator Option which are in the table cscart_conf_product_groups

Should now be able to export the table and add the new rows and re-import.