Images questions

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]Is there a way to have a different thumbnail image on the category page and the product page? We sell t-shirts and want to have a close up of the test/image as the thumbnail on the category page but a full size picture of the t-shirt as the main image on the product page.[/QUOTE]

This feature exists before Interspire starts their business.

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]Tried to reply to this earlier apparently without luck. If it somehow duplicates I apologize.

Joe, if this is the case how do you implement it - we are not talking about the overall category thumbnail that can optionally be displayed at the top of each category page, but the individual product thumbs that appear for all the products on a category page. I need a completely different thumb image for each the product than the image that by default appears on the product detail page. Currently the thumb image displays on the product detail page as well - how would I get it to default to another product image rather than the thumb?

Any thoughts/ideas welcome.[/QUOTE]

My god, you never enter the admin side and take a look? Just upload the thumbnail picture you want and upload another detail picture, separately. How simple does this sound?

I’m an interspire refugee too, so I understand your concern.

Images are handled MUCH better in this cart, but you’re right… the “main” image that is used on the category pages also shows by default on the product details page. CS-Cart is different than ISC in that it shows thumbnails for all the additional images on the product details page by default. This required some template editing with ISC.

I’m not sure if there is a mod that will allow you to change the default image on the product details page. It is not built-in. I think it would be do-able. You might try cs-cart support to see if it’s something they could customize if you can’t find an existing mod.

I will tell you that cs-cart is full of pleasant surprises. It’s a nice change from ISC which let me down over and over and over…