Images not in the 'images' directory

I have been putting a lot of my product images on my store in directories other than the main 'images' directory. Does anyone know if this is a bad idea for any reason? I am wondering if cs-cart performs any special function on the 'images' directory which is not taking place for my images in the other directory.

If anyone has any thoughts about this please let me know.



What exactly do you mean…

Are you uploading images to /somecustomfolder/ and then adding these images into the HTML editors?

Or are you uploading the images to /somecustomfolder/ and selecting this filepath when adding a product or category image?

Images which CS-Cart assigns to the /images/ folder (from adding an image as a product image for example) will be created in various sizes and optimised - thumbnails, full size image, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

I am doing the second thing. I created a custom folder, uploaded the files to there, and told the products to look in the custom folder for the images.

So I guess that this is not a problem, since the 'thumbnails' and 'detailed' versions of the images are still being created and placed in the 'images' directory.

So it seems to me that it doesn't matter at all where on the server filesystem I place my images, as long as I select the correct path and image when I create a product; cs-cart then seems to take care of the creation of 'thumbnail' and 'detailed' images. Would you say that this interpretation is correct?

Yes, you are correct.

It would only have an effect if you were adding images to product descriptions, category descriptions or pages, where you were adding the images to the descriptions via the WYSIWYG editor, as the images would not be resized. I believe the images stored in the /images/ folder and its subdirectories are all compressed too, which obviously helps page load times for your site visitors.