Images Not Displaying

Did a fresh install of CS-Cart 4.2.1 today and everything went fairly smoothly except for images not being displayed.

I loaded the cart with the demo data and when I go to the admin panel, and click on the image box it will load the correct image from the link, but it does not display.

On the product page images are encased with:

I'm using nginx with php-fpm

I have set all image permissions to 777 as a test as well as tried multiple nginx rewrite configurations.

Images attached

Please assist.




Website url is:


There are 2 possible reasons:

  1. Images are not saved/uploaded on the server.

    You may simply try to add a new product and attach any image to it.

  2. Image folders are fine, but GD lib is not installed or configured incorrectly on the server.

    In fact, in the store front you do not see original product, category images. Instead of them GD library resizes them into thumbnails according to width/height parameters.

    If this resizing does not work, you may see no images as it is now.

    NOTE: Additionally you may try to check server error logs which may have useful information about the issue.

    I hope it helps.

Please check if you have any files in the folders inside the images/thumbnails directory

Thank you!!!

I was missing the php-gd library.

All working now.

grat, even i solved by enable php-gd