Images missing on product page

I had some images on a couple of product pages, inserted via the html editor, not the images tab on the product page.

Now they are missing (just a box with red cross), although the thumbnail that uses the image for the category is ok.

I have tried adding them again but still no good.

Any ideas?

This happens all the time in web design. It’s almost always because the path to the image is wrong. Check your tag in your HTML, check the exact whereabouts of those images on your server and make sure they match!

I believe CS Cart puts your images into the /images/product/your_image.jpg directory when your upload through the images tab on the product page.


Try putting a / right after the src=" in the path name. (src="/images/rest of path)

I had to change all of mine when I upgraded to 2.1.1.

This may be in the bug report.

I only had to do this for html blocks.


CS-Cart changed the way the pages are referenced or something. I don’t fully get it, but this was reported as a bug at:


Try the fix there and see if it helps. I had the same problem and the fix did it for me.


Thanks guys,

Seems it has caused a few issues and CS cart are going to remedy this in the next upgrade.

I have since removed the pictures and just added them as additional images.