Images are not being resized


please can someone tell me if CS Cart actually resizes the image.

I am not just meaning in height or width, I am also talking about the actual size.

I have clients uploading images that are 2-4 mb and the thumbnail is smaller in height and width, however, it i still the original size?

How they uploading ? via csv in the thumbnail field ?

You'll need to delete those products and tell to only use the detailed image field. Cscart takes that image and copies it to the sizes you set in the setting section of admin.

I have looked into the error log and found this.

CS Cart runs into an issue it seems when trying to resize the image.

This just suddenly happened, we have no changed anything or updated. We have even switched servers, still the same issue persist.

The server we are now had a memory_limit of 2048M, so that is not the issue

[04-Apr-2013 20:55:32 Africa/Johannesburg] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 50331648 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 10368 bytes) in /home/cozastor/public_html/core/fn.images.php on line 855

50331648 bytes is only 48MB which is what CSC's default is in earlier versions. Change the default in /config.local.php to 256 or whatever.

Thanks @The tool, that worked.

However, I am running into a new issue now. When I click on any product, it loads the product, but loads all other products below it. This uses immense server resources and slows the site down a lot. Once the products have been loaded, they disappear again and the product page displays as it should.

They shouldnt be there to start with. Any ideas what could cause this?



It sounds like you have been experimenting with blocks on the product page? Have you cleared cache?

The real issue here is that CS-Cart does not resize the detailed images that vendors upload.

While it certainly resizes the detailed image to create thumbnails and the like, but the stored detailed image can be enormous. If this image is beyond memory parameters, resizing will error out and no thumbnails produced, or produced unpredictably.

What CS-Cart needs is a pre-sizing of the uploaded image, so that it is within a tolerable range for processing.

Manually resizing the detailed images afterwards does not seem to revise the stored values for the image in the database and consequently magnified images will appear distorted, as the now smaller images are resized to the same pixel dimension of the originally uploaded image. Very problematic for a live store with 100s of vendors uploading a hodge podge of image sizes.