Image Zoom Feature Causing Server Error

After a recent update, we noticed the product details page was loading extremely slow, if at all. The majority of the time it would give a "Internal Server Error". Usually after a few page refreshes, the page would load. I narrowed down the problem to the Image Zoom feature. Once this add-on was disabled the product details page loaded quickly and without issue. When I was able to get the page to load with the add-on enabled I didn't see any errors in Firebug that led me to believe that this was the issue or there was a conflict.

Anybody else experience this? How should I go about troubleshooting this? I tried disabling other add-ons to no avail.

We made a huge amount of upgrade and never faced such an issue. Please monitor the situation and inform CS-Cart support team if this issue occur again.

I have solved the issue. I noticed that several .htaccess files were missing from several sub folders. Im not sure if this was what solved the problem as I was trying several things at once including several performance improvement techniques. The site seems to be running fine now.

Thank you for your response.

The issue returned out of no where this morning. Also now on product pages the Product title is missing from the page. CS-Cart support was not able to help with the problem last time although I had told them I solved the issue while they were still in the process of trouble shooting.

When the Image zoom feature is disabled product pages load quickly but still currently no product title is showing. When the image zoom feature is enabled product pages load very slowly if at all.



when I am adding new products. Zoom is not working if anybody knows please let me know issue

For some reason thumbnails are used instead of detailed images on your website

It can be caused by 3rd party theme. Try to contact theme developer

Can you please check. Same image uploaded in both products but for one product image is not zooming

Unfortunately, basic authorization is required to see your website