Image verification - Thoughts Please

Currently working optimising my site before going live. I've notice the Capcha image loads with the category page, I suspect every page. By disabling Image verification I can save about 1sec.

I know from past experiance spam robots can get past a lost of these images systems and I'm not too bothered about deleting spam - although at the moment I don't know where that would come from.

I've disabled the image verification from everything except "send to a friend and comments so now the code doesn't load and I've saved that time.

Finally to the question - any known problems doing that with cs-cart ?

Hello kickoff3pm,

Thank you for your message.

Indeed, the captcha is generated on every page of your store by default. It is necessary for the Sign in pop-up window. If you check the My Account block and click on the Sign in link, you will see that a verification image is already generated there. So if you are already a signed-in customer, this captcha will not be generated on every page of your store.

I hope it explains the situation.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

I was looking for a experiance of having the option off.

To me the saving in load time per page is better then stopping some spam signups.I've found most these are not that effective now as robots find a way around them. I've installed a question and answer system on my other site and that seems to work very well.