Image verification on polls

We are using cs-cart ver 2.1.1

I just started my first poll and the image verification does not work. User get message that says “incorrect or missing confirmation code”

Image verification work everywhere else on the sight.

Admin settings as follows:

Image width — 75

Image height — 25

String length — 4

Number of grid lines — 10

Grid color (hexadecimal code) — AEC9D1

Minimum font size — 10

Maximum font size — 16

String type — digits only

Character shadows — not checked

Color — checked

Path to background image (relative to CS-Cart root directory) — none

Do not use verification if user is logged in ---- checked

Do not use verification after first valid answer ---- not checked

Login form ----- not checked

Register form ----- checked

Custom forms ----- checked

Send to friend form ----- not checked

Comments and reviews forms ----- checked

Checkout (user information) form ----- not checked

Polls ----- checked

What might be doing this?

Would hate to run the poll with out image verification. how quickly would bots start filling in the poll?

Thanks for any help,

David DeWitt