image verification not working-help

My image verification is not working, it only shows an X in a small box. i looked at the GD, its running correctly.

looked through the other foums on this and tried that code switch and no luck-

I use IPOWER as my server co.-

does anyone know how to fix this- i get alot of false users and want to give the captcha, image a chance to work. If it only would work.

I had this problem ages ago, although i had GD installed it didn’t have FreeType Support which is needed to use the True Type Font (ttf) in the Captcha script.

Here is my GD setup on one of my servers:

GD Support [COLOR=“Red”]enabled[/COLOR]

GD Version [COLOR=“red”]bundled (2.0.28 compatible) [/COLOR]

FreeType Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

FreeType Linkage [COLOR=“red”] with freetype [/COLOR]

FreeType Version [COLOR=“red”]2.1.9[/COLOR]

T1Lib Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

GIF Read Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

GIF Create Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

JPG Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

PNG Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

WBMP Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]

XBM Support [COLOR=“red”]enabled[/COLOR]