Image Upload In Bulk Not Working Sometimes

I’ve added close to 400 products to the shop and most of them have 4 to 12 images per product.

I’ve uploaded all the products successfully using import csv.

I’ve then been uploading the product images via the import images csv option.

This has worked for most of the products but there is still quite a few which simply will not upload images via the image import function.

I have the formatting correct (as I’ve done most of them successfully) and the images are all the same format and type (photoshop export).

When I try to upload these images via the csv the result is successful but the actual images do not upload.
There is nothing in the logs and it appears that nothing is actually getting updated even though CS Cart is returning a successful upload result.

Anyone experience this and have a solution?

Well I found the problem after trying the CS Cart “File Manager”… for whatever reason CS Cart is looking in /public_html/var/files/1/exim/backup/images instead of /public_html/var/exim/backup/images.

The strange thing is that for the 80% of images I did today I put them in the latter path and it worked.

For a select few images it didn’t… and I had to put them into the files/1 path…