Image Size When Clicking On Product Detail Page Image

We seem to be having an issue since updating to the latest Cscart 4.11.2.

Our product images are 900 x 900 in size, but when on the Product Detail page, and the customer clicks on the Image, it opens a box displaying a larger photo, but not at full size, and there isn't a way to zoom in or enlarge the photo to full size.

See attached. It seems to display a 500 x 500 sized photo but with no zoom icon and clicking on the image doesn't enlarge it. If I right click on the image and save it saves full size, so it looks like the window is restricting the size.

We have the Image Zoom addon enabled, and can see the detail image when hovering over the thumbnail, but not when clicked.

Is there a new setting that needs to be turned on? Or is this perhaps a bug?




This is default CS-Cart behaviour. Detailed image size is adjusted to screen size

This issue was raised multiple times here on forum/russian forum and bug tracker.

No one from cs-cart team cares about it, even though I gave them ready to implement solution.

eComLabs, maybe you could implement it or implement modulobox as an addon? It would solve all of the issues.

We will think about it. Thank you for the idea

Thanks for the info Jacek, I see the problem is with OwlCarousel in 4.11. Sigh, I waited 6+ months to update thinking all the bugs would be worked out by now. Guess I need to wait a year next time. Hopefully they will fix it, or someone like EcomLabs will be able to come up with an alternative solution.