image previewer looks terrible...

the image previewer looks terrible, it doesn’t re-size to the new size of the images, and the images are all over the preview screen, the images jump all over the place, and each time you have a different screen size it cuts off the images and makes the user scroll, if the user has to scroll to see your product there’s a good chance you lost a sale, toss the image previewer in the can and keep it simple, just use lightbox but make it compatible with all functionality of the cart.

Please just listen to the customers, look at how many lightbox threads have been posted and replied to on the forums, looks at how many hours members put into posting lightbox mods ect…looking at the posts I would have to say a lightbox image previewer is what the majority of the members here want. If people want somethign fancy like x-craaps magnifier then code it as a separate addon and don’t bloat the cart with something most users don’t need.


While the current CSC2 image viewer may be somewhat buggy, I certainly don’t like those dreaded lightbox stuff. I hate them, because they take over the screen, and more important they are slow. I find it very annoying that each time I want to open a pic, I have to wait for that stupid background to load, watch the turning icon, and when I want to close it again, I need to click a close button. A webshop with lightboxes will send me away quicker than anything else.

I suggest something like this: [URL][/URL]

It’s fast, clean, user friendly and neutral.


really liking this zoomi - do you know where i can get some help integrating it into cs-cart, as I’m at the cut_copy_paste level of coding (",)

Many thanks

*edit - just found some instructions - will give it a crack…

*edit2 - ok - just broke the site… any helpful pointers appreciated :slight_smile: