Image Pop Up Window

I am currently using Responsive theme: MTronX and have noticed that the image pop up on product listings is behaving differently to what I have observed on the CS-Cart demo site.

Instead of a full screen pop up window with visible navigation arrows I get a centralised pop-up window with a right hand scroll bar and the navigation arrows are out of the field of view see screen capture example below.

Seems like the pop up is not being sized correctly, any thoughts on why this might be occurring?

It’s something looking very familiar to me, but unfortunately cannot remember the case itself. Could you please provide the URL of this page, so I can at least check, what’s going on there?

Good morning and thank you for the reply, currently our site is in closed mode as we transition all content from an earlier version and config the the appearance etc, so maybe I will make contact via help desk.

Of course, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Update: this issue is resolved by changing a site setting.

Settings > Appearance > Default image previewer: (Change Owl Carousel to) “Swiper”

Thanks Support