Image Paths Messed Up with 2.2.X

I just noticed today that the image paths were changed with 2.2.x (or at least since my last update). Now all of the hundreds of products I setup to feed to shopping comparison sites all have the wrong image urls!

Is there a way to get the path back to what it used to be?

Old Path: /images/product/image.jpg

New Path: /images/thumbnails/1/250/image.jpg

I actually noticed this change when we upgraded to 2.1.? I wonder why yours waited. We not only lost a ton of image links, but we lost a ton of links to our site. Of course our change was from 1.3.5 to 2.1.? So it was a big jump.

There is no way to change it.

I suggested to the power-that-be that a change like this is devastating to a real merchant. I further suggested that when they do this type of thing that at least the provide for the re-direct for all the images that current exist and were moved. I.e. modify the SEO addon to have a new 'type' where images/product/foo.jpg could be 301 redirected to images/thumbnails/1/250/foo.jpg if that's where the file was moved to.

They obviously have access to all the filenames they moved so they “could” provide the data and do the redirect automatically.